7 Tricks That Will Calm Your Sore Throat Overnight

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A sore throat very often appears in the winter days. The biggest reason is usually cold, excessively vocal strain or dry air that we are exposed to during the winter because of the heating. Instead of artificial preparations and medicines, we bring you several natural methods that you can in a healthy and easy way eliminate this unpleasant pain.

1. Tea of cayenne pepper

In a pot with water add a lemon tea, mint tea, lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and a little cayenne pepper in powder (to the top of the knife) with water.Mix everything well and get away from the fire before it boils. Drink while it’s still hot.

2. Grandmas recipe against sore throat

In 250 ml of water add two teaspoons of honey and warm it well (be careful not to overturn). Remove it from the fire and squeeze about two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. For a stronger taste you can add a teaspoon of brown sugar.

3. Dairy cinnamon

Mix the spoon full of sugar, little baking soda and a half teaspoon of cinnamon. Add 250 ml of milk and mix well. Put it on light fire and mix. Remove from the fire before the milk is boiled and add a spoon full of honey. Serve it while its hot.

4. Herbal tea with brandy

Mix green tea, chamomile and lemon tea and get a healthy drink full with antioxidant. If you add to that and a teaspoon of honey, lemon juice, ginger and some brandy you will feel like you have drank a natural analgetic.

5. Gargling

Make a saline solution of 250 ml of water and teaspoon of salt. Put the mixture on fire and boil it. Take a big swallow of the fluid, bend your head and grind. Do not swallow the fluid, but spin after about a few seconds.
Repeat this at least five times a day until the symptoms of the sore throat disappear. Gargling with a saline solution will reduce throat pain symptoms and help with the release of viruses from the body.

6. Inhalation

Boil three cups of warm water and put in a bag of lemon, chamomile and fresh ginger tea. Leave it for five minutes to cool. Try the steam with your hand the so it is not too hot and pour the liquid into a large dish or bowl.
Take a clean towel and put it over your head. Tilt, covered with a towel, over the bowl and breathe the steam through your mouth and nose for five to ten minutes. The pain in your throat will be alleviated, which will make you easier to fall asleep.

7. Hot compression

Make a tea from dried chamomile flowers and while it is still hot you put into it a clean towel. When the tea is little cool, squeeze the towel well, bend it over and wrap it around the neck. When the compress cools down, rinse the tea again and repeat the process.

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