Amazing… Wrap Yourself In Foil And Watch How Cellulite And Pounds Disappear

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A simple household foil actually has a fantastic application also in the body care – it can be used for weight loss, detoxification, but also for beautiful and healthy skin.

This is an effective method, which will provide with a revised diet and large amounts of water to help you remove from two to three pounds for seven days. Also, it is an effective way in eliminating cellulite, especially if you combine it with physical exercises.

Amazing… Wrap Yourself In Foil And Watch How Cellulite And Pounds Disappear

So, this is a technique that will help you shape your body, and it is simple and cheap because the foil is something that we can all afford.

This method is suitable for all critical areas of the body – the stomach, legs or arms.

There are two methods for wrapping in foil that can be practiced at home – the one with honey and the one with foil.

Honey wraps

In a small pan heat the honey, add egg yolk and a few drops of citrus essential oil. Moisture the critical areas of the body with this mixture, and then wrap it with tight plastic foil. Dress over an old, warm clothes, lie down in bed, and cover with a blanket. After an hour, remove the foil and take a shower.

Linings made of clay

This is more efficient, but also more demanding than the first method. However, it gives excellent results when fat burning concerned.

Dilute smaller amount of so-called blue clay (available at health food stores) with hot water until you get a mixture with density as sour cream. Apply the mixture on the critical zone, wrap a foil over, put old clothes on and leave it for an hour. During this time it is best to do light physical exercise.

For quick results, this should be repeated twice a week.

Be careful if you are not completely healthy, then this technique is not advised.

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