How To Nourish Your Skin With Grapes And Coconut

How To Nourish Your Skin With Grapes And Coconut

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The introduction of fruit and vegetables in your daily beauty routine is certainly not new. If you have not, then you necessarily must introduce and coconut and grapes, because they are super food for your face. We bring you three completely natural recipes that will make your skin radiant.

Coconut Oil

Once you try it, we are sure that the coconut oil will immediately become for you the most precious ally to beauty. Coconut oil is an excellent makeup remover, has an antibacterial effect and cleanses the skin if it is problematic. It is an excellent moisturizer.

Here’s how to use it: Take a coin-sized amount and rub on the face for 30 seconds. Then put on your face warm washcloth to open pores and allow it to stand for 30 seconds also. After that, gently remove excess oil.

You can use the coconut oil and for washing your face. This recipe is very calming and the antibacterial effect is fighting against bacteria and eliminate scars from acne on your face.

The necessary ingredients for this recipe are:

– two drops of lavender oil,

– one tablespoon of coconut oil,

– juice from fresh lemon (for greasy skin) and

– one tablespoon honey.

Instructions: You mix all the ingredients and put them on your skin on the same way like you use your face cleanser. Leave it standing for one minute and then wash it from your face and dry your skin.


Here’s a recipe that will help you use Grapes for the purpose of your beauty.

All you need is:

– 10 grains of grape,

– 2 teaspoons of chamomile tea and

– 2 teaspoons cornstarch.

Mix chamomile tea and corn flour to form a paste and crush the grapes in. Apply the mask on your face and leave it to stand for 15 minutes. Then clean your face and apply a moisturizer. Grapes are full of antioxidants, acts as prevention against aging. Grape seeds contain vitamin E, which are active against free radicals.

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